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What diet should you stick to for weight loss?

The issue:

We have all heard the ‘diet rules’ for weight loss- wether it be : you must eat 6 small meals a day, you can only eat 2 meals a day, you have to drink these magic milkshakes, you must have breakfast, you cannot eat after 6pm at night, you have to cut out carbohydrates…the list is simply endless! There are a million opinions and views out there, and good advice tends to get caught up in the nonsense. Is there a right and wrong amount of meals? Is there a right or wrong diet?

The truth:

Well to be honest the truth is it doesn’t really matter! What matters is the overall amount of calories you are intaking. You can eat a meal, 2 meals or even 8 meals a day and still lose weight- because what really matters is the total amount of calories you are consuming. And if you are looking to lose weight you just have to make sure that your calories are at a deficit to your energy expenditure. Like that old phrase we all know and love; “eat a little less, move a little more”

The outcome:

The amazing thing is that you get to choose how many times a day you eat, you get to choose what you eat, there are no limitations. No good foods, bad foods or any other nonsense. Your diet should be totally flexible and fit into your lifestyle. You get to decide what meal frequency works best for you and you get to decide what you should eat.

Now I’m not saying go and fill your day with pizza and doughnuts…. there are foods that contain more nutrients than others but a little here and there won’t hurt!

Long term:

The best diet for you is one that fits into your life. One that makes you healthy, happy, more confident in your own skin and most importantly one that you can be consistent with. No more yoyo diet, no more falling of the wagon because this is your life and only you can own it!Find out what you like to eat, what makes you happy, what satisfies your cravings, what fills you up and simply work from there!

The biggest factor in a diet is calories in versus calories out; your total calories

will determine if you lose or gain weight. Eating too many calories will lead to fat

gain. But if you don’t eat enough calories you will not gain lean muscle. Setting a

target calorie intake goal depending and counting the amount of calories you eat each day is vital to understanding how food effects your body.

My advice is to download my fitness pal and start to track your daily calories. You do not need to do this forever it is only a tool to help you see what you are eating and start to educate yourself on what foods actually are, what calories, fats, proteins or carbs they contain.

The more you can educate yourself on the food you eat, the better choices you can make.