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Is pre-packed food bad for you?

Just because something is pre-packed does it mean it is bad for you?

Well, we are inclined to say yes, but I would disagree. Some of the freshest food we can eat comes in frozen pre-packaged bags, think of farm fresh - frozen fruit and vegetables. They get picked that day, frozen and packaged. How is that not good for you!

I am a keen cooker at home, but I do use frozen fruit and vegetables every day, it also leads to less waste as nothing goes off. You simply defrost or cook what you need. This can also help with portion control as all the foods are pre weighted and already in single portions. 

Convenience food examples

Frozen Fruit and vegetables

Frozen rice, pasta or potatoes

Processed meats like ham 

Processed cheese like babybel

Milk and fruit juice 

Nuts and seeds – fresh or preserved 

Canned or jar, sauce or soup 

Powdered sauce, gravy mixes or those season in bag mixes 

Bagged salad, spinach, mixed leaves 

Tinned beans, peas, lentils 

Pre-packed cereals like oatmeal

Convenience food can be healthy and can help you prepare fast and simple meals in minutes. 

My convenience food top tips:

1: Frozen fruit is a wonderful oatmeal topper or smoothie ingredient.

2: Frozen vegetables are pre prepared, pre portioned out and take 4 minutes in the microwave. 

3: Adding in a few portions of frozen fruit and vegetables to your diet will enable you to easily hit your recommended daily allowance (RDA) of 5 portions of fruit and veg.  

4: No waste, using frozen goods will stop you throwing out any food that went off. You only cook or defrost the food you need. 

5: Helps you plan better; you can create healthy meals in minutes. So, no excuse of having “no time” to grab something nutritious. You can open a bag of salad as quick as you can open a bag of crisps.

6: Portion control, convenience foods are all pre-packed and weighed out helping you to avoid overeating.